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We are a national association, uniting and representing all persons, adults and children, with lymphatic malformations, because they often face the same daily struggle of false or late diagnosis, lack of recognition, the inevitable exclusion as a result of handicap, multiple  administrative  difficulties, lack of understanding and treatment of pain… These examples concern us all and are a motive for supporting the association.

This initiative is needed in order to support these patients, to give them answers and hope for future medical progress.


That's why

Our Lymphangioma Association was formed on 3rd February 2014 in Presles-en-Brie in Seine-et-Marne department in the region of Ile de France, Paris area. It was formed by motivated parents and patients whose ambition was to highlight this illness which they felt was often neglected by the medical profession and unknown to the general public.  Our wish was to start a movement to bring affected families together to share their experience and to force the advance of medical treatment by the establishment of efficient and multi-discipline medical teams. The association is also determined to obtain recognition for complementary therapies which can help patients to manage their illness and have a better quality of life on a daily basis, for example  with the aid of homeopathy, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, massage, Ayurveda, stress management, relaxation and meditation.  These traditional treatments, although sometimes ancient, can have proven scientific results and provide patients of all ages with additional benefits to complement their allopathic medical care.
This is why you can help us to develop an alliance of force which will help to promote the  psycho-physical care of patients who are joining us in ever greater numbers to inform and be informed about their positive medical experiences or those which were more difficult and painful.  We refuse to accept the isolation that patients and their families have often suffered, sometimes for years, whilst searching for a diagnosis. We hope for particular attention and care for all patients with lymphatic malformations.
The association has identified and listed certain successful multidisciplinary medical teams who work in places where the patient can receive holistic treatment and whose own specific medical history is taken into account. Such places can help the patient to regain confidence, hope and the experience of being listened to.
This initiative is needed in order to support these patients, to give them answers and hope for future medical progress

Each case is unique!

About the association

The Lymphangioma Association is the first association in Europe bringing together patients affected by Lymphatic Malformation. Founded in February 2014 and declared to the Seine and Marne prefecture in the Île de France region.

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The medical information on this site does not replace in any case the medical consultation which alone makes it possible to establish a diagnosis
and to put in place a protocol of care adapted to each individual case.
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